Dear Students

I wanted to write to you at the end of what has been a difficult week for all of Manchester to say thank you. Thank you for the fantastic support you’ve shown each
other and for the way you’ve pulled together as a community. I was touched yesterday by the way in which all of you who were able to show your respect for those who lost their lives or have been impacted by Monday’s event through the impeccably observed one minute silence across all our campuses.

I know many of you will have been taking exams this week and I applaud the way you’ve got on with focusing on your studies to achieve the best possible result
you can. Thank you and well done.

Social media and media requests

Thank you too for the sensitivity you’ve shown on social media. It’s really important we all think carefully before before posting on social media about Monday’s event to show respect for those impacted by Monday’s event. At this time we need more than ever to let the emergency services do their job and not unintentionally add to anyone’s distress. Thanks for exercising caution. Likewise, our College has been mentioned in the media. Can I please remind you that you don’t have to talk to journalists and we have a media team on hand to answer any questions – please direct the media to the team at

Half term and support on campus

I really hope you enjoy your half term next week and have time to spend with your family and loved ones. College will be open as usual and our Student Experience
Team, who are based on all our campuses, will be on hand if you want to come in and talk to them about anything that’s on your mind.

Security on campus

As you’ll know, we take security on premises seriously and appreciate you wearing your ID badge at all times. As before, if you have any concerns about security or any other matters, please talk to our Student Experience team.

The Manchester community

As I said in my message earlier this week, we continue to work closely with people from across Manchester to understand how we can best support all of you and our communities. Acts like this are committed by a small number of people who want to create discord, distrust and fear. We will stand together with all the communities in Manchester to unite against those who seek to intimidate us and spread fear.

So, thank you again. I really hope you have a great half term and come back ready to continue your journey to amazing.