We are always looking at ways to improve your experience at college and one of the steps we are taking to make sure we provide a safe and secure environment for you is to introduce controlled access at four of our campuses. The campuses and start dates for the new system are:
• Monday 7th November – Openshaw Campus
• Tuesday 8th November – Harpurhey Campus
• Wednesday 9th November - Shena Simon Campus
• Thursday 10th November - St John’s Centre.

Controlled access means that only students, staff and visitors who have been issued with a valid ID badge will be able to enter the buildings at the above campuses.

You will have to scan your ID badge at the turnstiles when you come into college to be able to enter your campus building. A combination of standard width and wider access lanes have been installed in the following locations:
• Harpurhey; Reception
• Openshaw; Whitworth House Reception and the Cube Entrance
• Shena Simon; Reception
• St John’s; Reception.

Card reading door controllers have been installed to all other building entrances/exits at these campuses, with the exception of fire escapes. You might not be able to get in through doors that you can use at the moment but don’t worry – we will put signs up on any doors that you won’t be able to get through and directions to the next nearest entrance.

Your current ID badge is ready to work with the card readers on access lanes and door controllers so you do not need a new one. Please don’t worry if your card doesn’t work the first time you try it – the Reception staff are there to help you get up and running.


What happens if a fire alarm sounds?
All access lanes and door controllers are linked to the campus fire alarm system. Should the fire alarm go off all magnetically locked doors will automatically unlock and all access lanes will open. When you return to the building following a fire alarm you will need to scan your ID badge with the access control equipment to get back in.

What do I do if I do not have my ID badge?
Reception staff can issue a temporary ID badge which will operate the access control equipment. This will last for 24 hours and will not work once this time has expired. This should give you time to find your ID badge. If you have lost your ID badge you will need to get a new badge from Reception/Libraries.

Will I be charged if I lose my ID badge?
No. At the moment there is no plan to charge for replacement ID badges.

I study at a number of campuses, will my ID badge work at them all?
ID badges can be programmed to limit access to a single campus or multiple campuses and buildings depending on your course and where you study.

What provision has been made for wheelchair users?
Each reception area will be fitted with both standard width and wider access lanes which allow access for wheelchair users. In all reception areas a wider access lane is located next to the reception desk should any wheelchair users need assistance when presenting their ID badge.

If you have any other questions, please speak to your personal or achievement tutor.