We’re here to support you

Disability support services

We can offer you:

  • practical advice and support for physical disabilities and specified learning conditions, eg ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, medical conditions and mental health
  • help to access specialist equipment for your course
  • support in the classroom and the college environment

Email: disabilityservice@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

Deaf and visually impaired access services

We can offer you:

  • an assessment of your needs
  • communication support workers
  • electronic and manual notetakers
  • support workers for visual impairment
  • adapted learning materials

Email: deafservice@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

Guidance and welfare services

We can help you with

  • course and career options
  • student finance
  • welfare

You can get advice or support in different ways, including:

  • an appointment with specialist staff in areas like benefits, debt or immigration
  • drop-in sessions for brief questions
  • email
  • group sessions on subjects like careers, university or money

We work in safe, friendly and welcoming settings.

You can get in touch with us through reception at your nearest campus or email us at gaws@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

National Careers Service at The Manchester College

Sometimes it’s hard to know what steps to take next. National Careers Service, provided by the Guidance and Welfare Service, can help.

National Careers Service is available free to every adult in England. It has already helped millions of people improve their working lives. It provides information, careers and skills advice tailored to you.

What can we offer?

National Careers Service offers careers and skills advice to fit your individual needs.

We can help you:

  • find learning and training that’s right for you
  • improve your reading, writing and maths
  • understand the local job market
  • find out about funding to support your learning
  • develop your CV
  • improve your interview and presentation skills
  • progress in your current job
  • register with National Careers Service
  • find out about disability and childcare support

National Careers Service website

Careers advice on the phone: 0800 100 900

Book a face-to-face appointment: 0161 614 8416.

Dyslexia support

We can offer you:

  • a dyslexia assessment
  • support in class and one‑to‑one support outside class
  • technology to help you learn

Email: dyslexiasupport@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

Multifaith chaplaincy

We can help you with:

  • matters of spirituality and faith
  • personal issues
  • prayer / meditation / quiet rooms
  • finding local support groups

We can support you whatever your beliefs – even if you have none at all.

Bonnie Gillies


07917 658 872

Course enquiries

Our course enquiry team can help you make informed choices about courses at The Manchester College. The team will give you impartial information.

0161 203 2100

Customer services

Customer services are a dedicated team based at each campus reception. The team can help you with any enquiries, and point you to the department who can best help you. You can also speak to customer services for basic course information, and help with enrolment.

Courses for people with learning difficulties and disabilities

We offer courses for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. These include small, personalised classes, support at breaks and lunchtime, personal care and assistance with travel.

For more information, please contact LDDcourses@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

If you’re unable to attend college due to sickness or an appointment, please let us know!

Please let us know if you change your mobile number or other personal details.

Campus contact numbers

Northenden Campus

0161 614 8132 or 0161 614 8016

Nicholls Campus

0161 920 4842

Shena Simon Campus

0161 279 7122 or 0161 279 7211

Wythenshawe Campus

0161 611 7800

Manchester School of Building

0161 920 2600

Openshaw Campus

0161 920 3597

North Manchester Sixth Form

0161 920 3208

St Matthew’s Centre

0161 920 4600

Moston Campus

0161 920 4445

Fielden Campus

0161 611 7405

As a student, you could find you have more expenses than you’d expected. While everybody’s financial circumstances are different, budgeting for yourself for the first time can be tricky. Here are some tips to make money and budgeting as painless as possible.

If you’re living with your parent/s, partner, civil partner or carer, they may be able to help out with your finances.

You could also look for a part‑time job. If you get a job, make sure you get the National Minimum Wage.

Keeping a monthly budget sheet of what’s coming in and what’s going out is a good way to keep an eye on your cash. Ask your tutor for our handy budgeting sheet to help you work out your weekly budget.

If you do get into debt, don’t ignore the problem. It won’t go away and there ARE things you can do. Talk to someone you trust for proper advice.

Useful contacts

If you receive SFA funding or a 24+ Advanced learning loan, you can apply for help with the cost of childcare. You must use an OFSTED registered childcare provider. You’ll need to include the details of your chosen provider on the application form.

The Guidance and Welfare team can let you know how to get the relevant form (FEFS 02/03).

You may want to wait for the formal written outcome of your application before you start using childcare. We won’t be able to contribute to any childcare costs you run up before you receive your formal award letter.

If your application for funding is approved, your award letter will tell you how much support you’ll get. You will need to pay some of the cost of childcare yourself. You’ll need to pay this straight to your childcare provider. Please make sure you make all your payments on time. You could lose your childcare place and college childcare funding if you don’t. We will pay childcare funding during:

  • half term
  • Christmas holiday
  • Easter holiday

We’re not able to pay childcare funding during the summer holiday.

We have a team of youth workers on all campuses where we have 16-18 year old students. Youth workers can:

  • help you settle into college and make new friends
  • support you if you're worried or have problems
  • help you plan for your future
  • help you get your voice heard
  • work with you on projects
  • organise places for you to socialise and things for you to do
  • make sure you enjoy yourself!

You can contact us through reception at your campus.

Registering with a GP (doctor) or dentist

You can receive emergency medical treatment at any time. Phone 999 in an emergency.

Before you can receive non-emergency medical treatment you’ll need to register with a doctor (also known as a GP or general practitioner). You’ll need to register with a dentist to receive dental treatment. If you’ve moved to Manchester to study at The Manchester College, try to register with a doctor and dentist as soon as you get here.

For a full list of doctors and dentists in Manchester, go to the Manchester NHS website. You can contact your closest practices and ask to register.

OR contact your health authority by phone:

North Manchester: 0161 219 9400

South Manchester: 0161 426 5000

Tameside: 0161 304 5300

Trafford: 0161 873 9500

Other useful numbers:

NHS Direct: 0845 4647

Emergency number: 999

Personal support

If you’re facing any kind of problem, there are many counselling and other agencies in Greater Manchester who can help and support you. For information about any of the counselling and support agencies, contact the Guidance and Welfare Service on your campus, via reception.

Useful services

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offers advice and support on a range of issues including benefits, welfare rights and the law. There are CAB offices throughout Manchester. You can find all Manchester offices on the Manchester CAB website.

Lesbian and Gay Foundation

The LGF is a well-established service who offer initiatives and support to lesbian, gay and bisexual people. They campaign for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay and bisexual people can achieve their full potential. Their mission is: ‘Ending Homophobia, Empowering People'.

Lesbian and Gay Foundation website

Advice line: 0845 3 30 30 30

International Society

The International Society welcomes students from all over the world and helps them make friends and enjoy their time in Manchester outside college. Membership is from £6 per year, but the International Office pays this for first year international students.

0161 275 4959

International Society website

International Society, William Kay House, 327 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PG


The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) provides advice and information for International students, including immigration.

UKCISA website


Information about government departments and with direct links to other public bodies’ websites and higher education and further education including 24+ loan finance information.


The Manchester College website

Information and news we share with people outside the college.


Manchester Evening News

Local news, events, classified ads and jobs.

Manchester Evening News website

National Union of Students (NUS)

Essential information for students, including a section for international students, managing your money and budgeting.

NUS website

Student Finance England

Full-time university-level students from England can use a secure system to apply for finance online. Parents and partners can support an application online.

Student Finance website


The official site for university-level course information and applications.

UCAS website


The official website to help you make an informed choice when deciding which UK university or college to apply to. It includes the results of the latest National Student Survey.

Unistats website